How long will my pressed flower frames last? 

If you keep them out of direct sunlight and humid / damp areas and follow our care instructions, they will last many years. Being a natural material, some colour fading can be expected in the years to come, but they will still look beautiful, as nature intended! Small fragments of the florals may fall over the years, so please handle your frames with the utmost care and respect to ensure they stay in great condition. 

How do I hang my frame? 

Our frames are made with acrylic sheets and pine wood and are fairly lightweight. If you'd like to hang your frame, we recommend placing it on a sturdy hook / nail. We don’t recommend wall strips as these can be unreliable and if the frame falls it can dislodge the flowers. Our frames can also freestand as well, if you'd prefer that option. 

What are the best flowers for pressing?

Anemones, daisies, peonies, delphiniums, spray roses, poppies, orchids, flannel flowers, cosmos, hydrangeas, freesias, hellebore, ranunculus, wax flowers, babies breath, eucalyptus, bunnies tails, ferns, paper daisies, cosmos, pansies & most thin foliage / greenery. These are just some of our favourites, but there's so many others too.

What flowers aren't suitable for pressing?

Native thick flowers / woody flowers that can’t be pressed, proteas, chrysanthemums, lilies, some dahlias (not all), billy buttons, scabiosa pods, some tropical flowers 

Will my flowers look the same as they did when they were fresh?

Given we are working with nature, there are some that look identical and others that change a lot through the pressing process (ie some reds I’ve seen turn purple). There are a number of factors that also determine this, such as the condition the flowers arrive in, flower freshness and any chemicals or pesticides used on the flowers by the growers. 

We have multiple techniques we use to ensure best results, but we don’t colour enhance our bridal flowers. 

Do you service all of Australia? 

Yes we do. We provide shipping instructions with all the details you’ll require once you’re booked in with us, to ensure they arrive in tip top shape. 

Where are you based?

Forever Petal is based in Sydney. If you’re based in Sydney, you’re welcome to drop them off to our studio which can be arranged once you’re booked in.

Can you work with flowers that are already dried?

No sorry, we can only work with flowers we have pressed, that are fresh.

Sophia is our recommendation to create a stunning keepsake with already dried flowers, her website is www.sofloralstudio.com or her insta name is so.floral 

What’s the ideal time to receive flowers for pressing?

We will need to receive them 3-4 days after the event. The fresher the better when it comes to pressing. Make sure you keep the stems in water until the reach us.

How long does it take for your bridal commissions to be completed?

Roughly 16 weeks is our turnaround time after we receive your flowers. It’s a process that can’t be rushed and we always pride ourselves on the quality of work we deliver. We work in date order from when we receive the flowers. 

How many flowers will you need to create your art?

Depending on how many frames you’re after, we can discuss this once booked, but we always highly recommend providing a bunch of table flowers, in addition to your bridal bouquet as these have had less wear and tear and tend to be in better condition. 

Will I be involved in the design process?

By booking our services, you agree to trusting our design flair and give us full creative liberty. We do not provide draft approvals, and the next time you see your artwork, will be when it's been completed. We will, however, follow your preferred design style you advise us on at time of booking.

What’s the best area to display Forever Petal frames?

In a bedroom, hallway, lounge are some of the most popular spaces to display your beautiful pieces.

Please keep out of any direct sunlight, humid areas (such as bathrooms, laundries, kitchens), near heaters, or harsh fluorescent lighting. 

Do you offer gift vouchers?

At this stage we do not. However, if you’d like to organise a bridal preservation to be done as a gift, please get in touch via our bridal tab. 

What if my flowers arrive in bad condition after being shipped?

Forever Petal is in no way responsible for the condition your flowers arrive in. You are encouraged to keep flowers in water when not is use on your wedding day and also to keep out of hot humid environments. Please follow our care / shipping instructions provided, as we have done this many times and had a very good success rate when followed correctly, very important to ship express to us too. If flowers are deemed unusable on arrival, we may decline to proceed further.