Bridal Frame Enquiries



 Inspo photos are required please so we can assess the suitability of your flowers. Forever Petal does not take all white bouquets, or all rose bouquets, so please bear this in mind before submitting your request.

Welcome and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

We offer beautiful custom made bridal bouquet frames to cherish your wedding blooms for a long time. Get in touch below to discuss pricing and your vision.

Please be sure to include your wedding date and the flowers you are planning to use, your florist, an inspiration photo, along with the size frame/s you are looking for (listed below).

Approx. sizes are:

  • XS = 11.5cm x 11.5cm (for buttonholes) 
  • Small = 14cm x 19cm
  • Medium = 21.3cm x 26.4cm 
  • Large = 31.5cm x 41.6cm (A3)
  • XL = 42cm x 59.4cm (A2) 

We also offer custom flower diamonds (to place your wedding rings, jewels on) and custom bridal coasters created with your wedding flowers, if you’d like this as an add on to your frame/s.

Please include the style you're after (see our Instagram for past bridal frames @foreverpetalx). ie, if you'd like a frame with more of a centrepiece design, or one that flows from side to side, plus, if you'd like a very full frame or a piece created that's more minimalistic and has more empty space. Please also ensure you include your location in your email and we will endeavour to reply within 3-5 business days.

Upon confirming your order through email, we will organise for your blooms to be dropped off in Sydney, or express posted if you live further away (we provide full shipping instructions upon confirmation). Your flower quality is your responsibility and may be declined if they arrive in bad condition. Best process is to arrange for the flowers to be delivered within max 4 days after your wedding, to ensure they press the best way possible (the fresher the better for pressing). Ensure they're kept in water up until you send or deliver them, but don't let the flower heads themselves get wet as this cause issues for pressing.

Once Forever Petal receives your blooms, we will begin the pressing/drying process. Our turnaround time on bridal orders is approx 2 months depending on the moisture levels of your bouquet and the volume of orders we're working on at that time (we work in date order priority). When the flowers have fully dried / pressed we will make your vision come alive and be in touch to arrange postage/pick up etc.

Also, due to the labour involved in the bridal frames, spaces are limited and not always guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email.

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