Bridal Terms & Conditions

Please read the below to understand our terms when working with bridal flowers.

The condition your flowers arrive in, is your responsibility. For best pressing results, ensure you keep your flower stems in water at the reception/after the wedding, until drop off/or postage and store in a cool place for ultimate freshness. Even assign a bridesmaid to look after your flowers on your big day, so you don't have to worry about this part. If flowers arrive in bad condition and are deemed unusable for pressing, we may decline to proceed further.

With flowers being a natural product, if for some reason they contain any bugs, we may also decline to work with them, and bear no responsibility if for some reason the bugs cause damage to the flowers in the present time/future, as we haven't sourced the flowers, and have no control over this.

We use traditional wooden flower presses to press wedding flowers. Forever Petal doesn't use any colour enhancing processes when doing this, so as a result, flowers will change colours when pressed, some more than others, and they will also evolve over time as well, with some colour fading to be expected as time passes. This is a natural process and they will always be a sentimental memory from your big day and hold their beautiful essense. To delay this process, ensure you keep your artwork out of direct sunlight, brightly lit windows, near any harsh fluorescent indoor lights and humid spaces, with ideal places in your home to display them being the lounge, bedroom or hallway. We will not be liable for damage or deterioration of the artwork outside our control.

By booking our services, you agree to trusting our design flair and give us full creative liberty. We do not provide draft approvals, and the next time you see your artwork, will be when it's been completed. We will however follow your preferred style you advise us on at time of booking.

Please understand that all flowers in your bouquet may not be pressed due to thickness or pressing suitability, or because of the frame size selected only allowing limited flowers. We will press enough flowers to create your selected artwork, and if there are any leftover pressed flowers these will be returned, along with the ribbon. Unusable flowers and any not required for artwork sizes selected, will be discarded after we have extracted the best ones for pressing (we will not press an entire bouquet as this is extremely labour intensive), so we assess and press only what your frame size/resin pieces require. If you want to keep some stems to dry yourself, please extract these before dropping/posting your flowers off to Forever Petal.

We do not work with all white bouquets/all rose bouquets, or predominantly native bouquets. We encourage texture and colour with flower preservation, as the results are much more impressive. Please note that white flowers once pressed go ivory/brown shades and blush roses tend to do the same. We also don't work with lilies, chrysanthemums, or any very moisture heavy or super thick flowers that aren't suitable for pressing.

Turnaround time is approximately 16 weeks after your flowers are received.

For brides who will be requiring shipping, we will advise of the entire process to ensure we receive them in the best condition, after we establish if you meet our criteria/and we have availability. Please note, by sending us this form doesn't mean you have a confirmed booking with Forever Petal, we will be in touch to advise if your wedding date is free and if your flowers are suitable to work with.